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Business Model Strategy; Iterating on Customer Feedback
eXponential Mindsets, Beliefs, and Attitudes
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“Because the world is changing, we can never assume that the way we have done things in the past is adequate for the future.”- Yvon Chouinard

Jumping to Hyperdrive


Somewhere in the Yucca Mountains of Nevada, near Groom Lake sits a top-secret US Air Force base.
Built in the 1950s, the base, shrouded in secrecy, has been the linchpin of dozens of conspiracy theories. It is a military test center in the desert that the CIA didn’t even publicly acknowledge existed until 2013.
Though we (still) don’t know anything specific about what they do at Area 51, the idea of setting up a top-secret lab outside of headquarters and day-to-day operations is a model we have seen repeated in many industries.
Apple, a company that continues to thrive on secrecy and launch unexpected ideas, has its own Area 51 called the Pirate Ship.
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