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Creative Thinking
To think is to create. We are always right. Your perception is your reality. 

Finding Your Purpose
We are our habits. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Improve 1% each day.
Rewriting the Past
Attitude is everything. It's not what happens to us, it's how we respond. Always be in gratitude.
Hacking Your Journey
The goal is not the end. The journey is the reward. Continue to expand your mindset.
Designing Your Present
Enjoy the moment. Now is all we’ve got. Be present. 

Systems Thinking
We are all one. Love unconditionally. Everything is connected.
eXponential Mindsets, Beliefs, and Attitudes
About Lesson

Leveraging your passions, talents, and the need you’re fulfilling for the world, you tap into the network of collective intelligence that unites humanity. We all belong to a system that’s currently out of harmony. Following your purpose and just being you will launch disruption. When we launch disruption, we bring the system closer to balance. 

With an overarching purpose, you get a longer view on your overall role in the world. Obstacles become opportunities. You stop sweating the small stuff. You forgive and let go of trauma. You get more conscious. You focus on the gains you can create instead of falling into the trap of loss aversion. This creates Resilience 2.0—when you are tested you don’t just bounce back, you get stronger. In your future story, outline your preferred outcome, probable outcomes, wild card scenarios, and chart your path to launching disruption.