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Creative Thinking
To think is to create. We are always right. Your perception is your reality. 

Finding Your Purpose
We are our habits. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Improve 1% each day.
Rewriting the Past
Attitude is everything. It's not what happens to us, it's how we respond. Always be in gratitude.
Hacking Your Journey
The goal is not the end. The journey is the reward. Continue to expand your mindset.
Designing Your Present
Enjoy the moment. Now is all we’ve got. Be present. 

Systems Thinking
We are all one. Love unconditionally. Everything is connected.
eXponential Mindsets, Beliefs, and Attitudes
About Lesson

The concept of “telescoping” refers to our tendency to focus on the short-term and overlook the long-term consequences of our actions. This can lead us to prioritize immediate gratification over our long-term goals and well-being. Immediate gratification often exists inside the comfort zone. Delayed gratification exists inside the growth zone. As you build your habits to create your thoughts, you upgrade your autopilot. Your growth zone becomes your new comfort zone. Activities that were once uncomfortable, or took conscious mental energy, become subconscious low energy activities. Over time, the effort you put into creating rituals and routines pays off exponentially. 

Patience, and giving your habits time to build, is critical to playing the long game. Day One mentality reinforces that each day is a new day on the rewarding journey—it doesn’t just end when you reach your goal. Stacking the long game mentality on top of your passions, talents, and opportunities will make you massively transformative and help you reimagine your potential and capabilities.