An Education for the
21st Century Leader

In a world of rapid-fire change, be a leader whose value increases at an ever-quickening rate.

What is an XMBA?

E(X)potential MBA is a master course in the principles first outlined by Aaron Bare in his breakthrough work focused on leadership in an era of complex, inter-connected and rapid-pace change. More than a course of study, XMBA is an opportunity for leaders and aspiring leaders to meet weekly with like-minded people who are working to develop themselves, effect change and create perpetual results.

At the cross section of neuroscience, behavioral sciences, human psychology, leadership, & technology:

Build your eXponential Mindset, Beliefs, and Attitudes.

Earn your XMBA.

The seven-week, multi-track, online program kicks off with its next cohort in January 2023.

XMBA modules help leaders understand, practice, and master Exponential Theory. Earning an XMBA identifies them as leaders devoted to lifelong development.

  • Develop Exponential Mindsets for any situation
  • Harnessing Exponential Habits & Productivity
  • Mastering Influence & The Buyer’s Funnel
  • Leveraging Network Power & Become an Exponential Connector
  • Growth Hacking & 10x Execution
  • Practicing Purpose Driven Leadership
  • Developing Thought Leadership & Becoming a Maven
  • Building Anti-Fragility (Resilience 2.0)
  • Accessing Peak Performance and Flow State
  • Facilitate your Impactful Scale Up Idea (Capstone Project)
  • Mentorship, Peer-to-Peer Coaching, Alumni Program

Why an XMBA?

The 7-Week Program to
Create a Generation of Exponential Leaders!

The XMBA course is designed to meet you right where you are now. If you’re willing to expand your thinking to become an exponentially better leader, this course can show you how. It was specifically designed with built-in flexibility for full-time professionals.

Make this your year of X growth.
1% better each day, means a 37x in just one year!
Are you ready to get started?

  • DISRUPTLearn how to leverage major disruption tools to disrupt yourself, your competition, and your industry to hit your targets
  • LeadHone your leadership and complex adaptive problem-solving skills to better navigate volatility
  • OptimizeIncrease your ability to execute in your daily life, your work, and your community to save time and energy
  • Create a Shared VisionLearn to articulate massively transformative visions and rally your organization behind it
  • Develop THE Business ModelBuild the way of the future through digital and multi-sided business models
  • Manage Teams and Execute“Manage projects not people”, explore how to get the most from your team
  • Leverage TechnologyHarness exponential tech at your company and apply it internally and externally
  • Manage the ComplexLearn the “Rhodium Rule” and how to use it to solve the most complex problems
  • Create Value & NegotiateExplore how big thinking can help with value creation and negotiation

The combination of modern neuroscience and ancient philosophy in the XMBA course brings together cutting-edge scientific research and timeless wisdom to provide a holistic understanding of the principles and practices of exponential thinking, beliefs, and attitudes. 

Modern neuroscience provides an understanding of how the brain works and how different practices can impact our thinking, beliefs and attitudes. By understanding the brain mechanisms behind certain behavior, individuals can develop strategies that align with the way our brain works.

Ancient philosophy provides a historical perspective and timeless wisdom on how to live a good life and achieve success. Many ancient philosophers have written about the importance of the mind-set and attitudes in shaping our reality. They have also developed practices and techniques to develop a growth mindset and positive attitude that is in line with human nature.

The combination of these two fields provides a holistic understanding of how to develop an exponential mindset, beliefs and attitudes. Modern neuroscience provides the evidence-based practices while ancient philosophy provides the wisdom and understanding of how to live a good life. By bringing these two fields together, the course gives learners an understanding of the latest scientific research and evidence-based practices as well as ancient wisdom and timeless practices.

In our present day, this combination of modern neuroscience and ancient philosophy is particularly valuable because it provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of exponential thinking, beliefs, and attitudes.

By combining both fields, the XMBA offers a broader and more inclusive perspective on personal and professional development, which can help you apply the knowledge and skills in a way that is most meaningful to you.

This course has been developed and facilitated at over 500 companies with proven results that have yielded over $4 billion in exponential growth.

Who is XMBA for?

XMBA was created to mobilize leaders driven to do good— it is for those who want to be an impact-maker, innovative problem-solver, and leave a long-lasting legacy.

Through XMBA, you will develop your own eXponential mindset to become a better leader. After all, leadership is what fuels change.

Where is XMBA Held?

Available worldwide, XMBA participants can join from across the globe. Take the XMBA wherever you work best. XMBA was designed for the future, and the future of work is remote.

When can I get Started?

We’re now accepting applicants for the next XMBA cohort that begins in January 2023.

Each week, you will have a one-hour group call with an XMBA facilitator. The online modules are set up so you can take them on your own time.